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Heaven & Hell by Oscar Connecticut Toro 6 X 52

Heaven & Hell isa limited series by Oscar Valladares, available with a golden, silky Connecticut Honduras wrapper or alternatively with a perfectly fermented, oily Maduro Nicaragua wrapper.

Only "long-ripened tobacco" from Honduras is used as the inner wrapper. In other words, tobacco that has been stored and aged for a long time.

Heaven & Hell Connecticut provides a smoking experience in the Toro size 6 x 52 in true Oscar Valladares style. A "heavenly delicious" medium blend with a creamy body and great aroma and complexity of flavors. Notes of cocoa, cinnamon, leather and spices, combined with slightly earthy notes.

Wrapper : Honduras Connecticut

Binder : Mexico

Filler : Honduras

Box quantity : 20

Unit price : € 16,50

Retail price € 330,00 per box

Your purchase price :

231.00 €