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Casa de Puros

Belgium cigar import company

The story of Casa de Puros 

Casa de Puros, in search of the unknown

"Life's too short to smoke poor cigars." Under this credo, Casa de Puros began an ambitious search for the world's best boutique cigars. Five years after the start of their cigar club Aroma of the Leaf, inspirers Rob Maus, Yves Coucke and Kevin Ingelrelst ventured into an import adventure based on their common passion: the long-filler cigar. Not a leap into the dark, but a deliberate journey around the world in search of new or lesser known quality brands.

The cigar as a profession

Their journey takes them to local farmers in Central America, where the old craft of cigar rolling has survived industrial mass production. Their harvest: high-quality, exceptional blends that are relatively unknown on the Belgian market. But the ambition extends further: Casa de Puros would like to introduce all of Europe to the traditional brown gold.

Unique in individuality

Only the most exclusive brands qualify for import by Casa de Puros. The hand-rolled long-filler cigars must not only be of consistent quality, but also exude a sense of luxury, elegance and tradition. In short, pure craftsmanship that assures aficionados of a stylish and sensual smoking experience.