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The team

 Rob Maus 

Professionally engaged in getting the best out of others as a therapist, manager and coach for over 30 years, it is not surprising that he likes to quote Ron Perlman: "Some people meditate, I smoke cigars".

A true bon vivant, he got to know the brown gold some 20 years ago and was immediately hooked. His visits to Cuba only served to strengthen his passion for the cigar. Following the founding of his cigar club, Aroma of the Leaf in 2015, he was constantly abroad searching for new and/or unknown cigars to have them tasted during the great and infamous cigar nights. With perhaps a slight fondness for Nicaraguan cigars, you rarely see him with the same cigar and this to gain as many new experiences as possible.

Yves Coucke

The fact that you can find everything on this site has a lot to do with the professional activities of this late bloomer in the cigar world. Bad influences introduced him to the world of the cigar and rum... and it was more than love at first sight. His passion goes far and wide and, in the words of Marc Twain, one is warned: "If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go."

He not only passes on his smoking experience to others with great enthusiasm, but also ensures that all logistics concerning orders, deliveries and invoicing are carried out in the best conditions.

Philip Morreau

An experienced sales representative, Philip will be on hand to visit our customers on a regular basis from September 2023. He will mainly prospect the French-speaking market to acquire new customers, but is very happy to listen to the needs of our existing retailers. 

You can certainly contact him for appropriate information and advice.